METRO Potentials


At METRO Cash & Carry, we take our inspiration from the entrepreneurial spirit and the limitless energy of independent business people. From the very beginning, the stores of METRO and MAKRO Cash & Carry have focused on creating a tight bond between their local staff and the most important aspect of their business operations: our 21 million customers in 25 countries around the world Show us your potential Are you a master graduate full of energy and committed to success? Are you result-oriented and open to change? Do you have the passion and drive to build the future of wholesale business and leave your personal footprint? Are you a strong communicator and able to Inspire those around you? Do you have leadership abilities and teamwork skills? Do you have what it takes to be a future leader? Then join us today! We’re interested in developing the best graduates and young professionals, throughout our wholesale business, and enabling their talents to lead the future of our company. Take a look at our clip and see what you’ll be a part of, as a METRO POTENTIAL.

About the program

The Metro Potentials management trainee program is a two-year program designed to develop future leaders of our company. It is divided into 5 training blocks that are between three and six months long and take place either at the METRO Cash & Carry Croatia or abroad. The program fast-tracks ambitious master graduates and talented young professionals to a management career in international wholesale. The trainees benefit from ‘on-the-job’ training and ‘off-the-job’ learning modules such as ‘knowledge & skills’ and ‘leadership behavior’. During every training block you will take responsibility for one or more projects which will contribute to the development and progress of the business as well as yourself. Every trainee will be supported by a local mentor (country board member).  Our aim is to develop your knowledge and skills over the two years so that you are prepared to manage a team of your own.


Recruitment Process

The application process is organized and managed by METRO Cash & Carry Croatia HR Department.

1.  Preliminary selection process - involves screening applications, conducting local interviews and tests at local assessment centres.

2.  Nomination of candidates for International Assessment Centre – the local country board makes the final nomination of candidates to go forward to the International Assessment Centre.

3.  Successful participation in International Assessment Centre – The IAC takes place in August. The final selection of management trainees is made by a panel of MCC Group Directors and country board members. Only the best candidates will pass the Assessment Centre.


Ready to apply?

To apply for this opportunity, please send your CV and a cover letter in English via e-mail or to METRO Cash & Carry d.o.o., Human Resources Department, Jankomir 31, 10090 Zagreb, no later than March 1 2019.


Petra Raše

METRO Potentials Wave 1 

“The experience I have gained working on projects within various departments in METRO Croatia and Italy have taught me how to motivate my colleagues and use the differences within teams in order to achieve outstanding results together. Even though two years may seem as a very short period of time, a number of training sessions, mentors who worked with us side by side, and the projects we led, have not only given us insight into company’s operations, but have also taught us how to openly communicate, overcome obstacles and be flexible”


Benjamin Babić

METRO Potentials Wave 2

“The METRO Potentials Ready2Lead is a unique opportunity for young, talented potentials to develop, under mentorship, those abilities and qualities that are necessary in order to become a future leader. Frequently switching between completely different departments and areas of work, numerous projects and exploration of markets of other METRO countries, are an excellent opportunity to develop our potential and become well prepared to take over a team. During the program, I spent six months in METRO in Japan, working on several very important projects.”


Marija Šutalo

METRO Potentials Wave 3

“This program is an excellent opportunity for young people who, after college, want to gain additional knowledge that is focused on the acquisition of practical and international experience. The transnational and multicultural dimension of the program does not only mean getting to know your colleagues from other METRO countries, but also having the opportunity to jointly collaborate and share positive experiences and new ideas.”


Dominik Osmeričić

METRO Potentials Wave 4

“METRO Potentials program gives you an opportunity to learn cross-functionally and cross-culturally. Even-thought I am at the very beginning of my METRO-journey, I am convinced that the skills gained during the program will be valuable in my further professional development.”