METRO introduced its Junior Top Chef project

METRO is educating young chefs in collaboration with top experts 

METRO Cash & Carry presented the METRO Junior Top Chef project on Monday 25th, 2016, in the Paradigma restaurant. Thirteen high schools and their selected seniors are going to participate in the project under the guidance of mentors Ante Udovičić, Nenad Kukurin and Mario Mihelj, who will teach them the latest trends in food preparation.

„METRO Cash & Carry cooperates with 95% of Croatian restaurants and hotels, which gives us insight into the needs of the catering sector in Croatia. We have decided to invite our partners to contribute to the strengthening of the culinary profession in Croatia through the METRO Junior Top Chef project. Future chefs will learn new trends in gastronomy and culinary art, they will see first-hand what it is like to work with top chefs, and will experience the competitiveness of the culinary profession“, said Helena Lončar from METRO Cash & Carry.

Thirteen high school seniors will have the opportunity to show their knowledge and weigh their culinary skills in contests that will take place in Kastav and Zagreb. The candidates will get a list of ingredients and will have to decide which meal to cook so as to impress their mentors. In Kastav, the head chef of restaurant Kukuriku, Nenad Kukurin, will decide on the top three candidates, while in Zagreb, the top three candidates will be chosen by the head chefs of restaurant Paradigma, Ante Udovičić, and restaurant Mundoaka, Mario Mihelj.

Being aware of the importance of mentors in the development and training of young chefs, I have, with great pleasure, accepted METRO's invitation to be a part of the mentor team, along with chefs Mario Mihelj and Nenad Kukurin, that will use its experience and expertise in the development of the profession and achievement of full potential of young chefs in the METRO Junior Top Chef project“, said Ante Udovičić, head chef of the restaurant Paradigma and a mentor in the project.

The six selected candidates will participate in a three-day training session under the guidance of mentors at the culinary institute Kul IN in Sisak, which will be followed by the final contest and selection of the winner of the METRO Junior Top Chef project. In the final contest, the candidates will get the ingredients for a dish that they have to prepare, and the best candidate is going to win a two-month scholarship at the culinary institute Kul IN, which, along with ALMA la Scuala Internazionale di Cucina Italiana, develops programs for professional training of chefs. Also, the top three candidates will travel to a prestigious culinary competition Bocuse d’Or that is held in Budapest.